Fabrication: Custom Fitting Your Countertop

Once precise DIGITAL measurements are taken by one of our trained and experienced technician, the drawings are reviewed by production manager to make sure they are complete and accurate and then the production begins.

Stone is cut and shaped by our Brand New Latest Italian CNC machines to achieve the best quality. We use only environmentally friendly wet process on each step of the production to ensure clean work area for employees as well as safe environment for our clients. The wet process involves applying water to the stone to cut, grind, or polish it to create finished product. Adding water reduces fine dust and particulate that can cause lung injury.

Polishing of the stone is completed by hand or using CNC equipment.  After fabrication is completed, the countertops are again placed on tables specially made for handling granite. Our highly skilled hand fabricators inspect the entire countertop and complete any further improvements needed. Final touch-ups include additional polishing, taking care of sharp edges, fixing any chips in the edge profiles. Once satisfied with the outcome, the pieces are cleaned and at this point are ready to be transported to your home.

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