Waterfall Countertops

Countertop with waterfall

Countertop with waterfall

In recent years, there’s been a huge trend in the kitchen design world. Waterfall countertops have become incredibly popular, due to the elegant style of the “overflow” of the counter. This has become popular lately, as it is not only stylish, but it is easy to clean and maintain. As there is less exposed wood, waterfall counters are great at concealing large appliances like dishwashers, adding to the flow of the kitchen design overall. Thinking of something different? Consider countertops with waterfall. Waterfall style gives a dramatic look by flowing down the side of the cabinets to the floor to create a side panel and mimic actual waterfall. It works with kitchen styles from ultra-modern to contemporary and traditional. 

Waterfall Countertops: Things to Know

While a lot of trends often come and go rather quickly, the waterfall countertop trend seems like it will stick around for a while. Not only is it a timeless design, it’s also an asset if you eventually sell your home. Here, we’ll discuss some of the questions that homeowners have about waterfall countertops: 

Which material can be used to create waterfall countertops? 

Granite, marble and quartz can all be used to create waterfall countertops. Quartz can create a clean, bright atmosphere, where granite or marble will create a flowing, grounding effect. Depending on your vision, there are plenty of options that our team can advise onTogether, we’ll work with you to find the best material for your dream kitchen and budget.  

Can waterfall countertop edges be mitered?

Yes, but not with all materials. While we do a lot of the waterfall edge styles, we recommend mitered edges, as they’ll provide the cleanest look. Our experts can determine the best material for the job, as not all stone can be mitered the same way.  

Is this design cost effective? 

As this is more of a “designer” or extra design feature, there will be some extra cost associated. Think additional material and labour costs. We will be happy to price your project with and without the waterfall countertop feature so you can weigh your options. 

Overall, the waterfall countertop look is one of modern style and a mark of lavish design. While it can be on the more expensive side due to labour costs, the positives far outweigh the negatives. With an easy to maintain structure, a stone waterfall countertop will add value to your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or any other space it’s in.

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