Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Blanco Precision U2Kitchen renovation is an extensive project and requires some major time investment in research. There is a lot to think about before you start. But our job is to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We don’t want your kitchen renovation turning into an expensive, endless disaster. We want to make you happy and we are here to help!

So let’s start with a kitchen sink. To some people it might be the last detail to think about but it is always good to know about your options in advance.

Sink Shape & Style

Traditional stainless steel sinks continue to dominate the market. They come in different shapes and styles. Two major sink categories are classic shaped and rectangular. Classic shaped sinks have rounded bowls and rectangular have rectangular or squared bowls.


  • If you are settled on a rectangular sink, make sure you consider sink corners. Sinks with 0-Radius corners are beautiful, but they are more difficult to clean which is fine as long as you are prepared for some additional maintenance. Consider rounded corners if you prefer something with less maintenance.
  • Does your sink have X-pattern drain grooves? Flat-bottomed sinks (especially large single bowl sinks) may not drain very well.
  • Note where your drain holes are. Rear-positioned drain holes provide maximum usable bowl and cabinet storage space.

Number of bowls

Historically most kitchens featured a double bowl sinks, these sinks were made for washing dishes. These days we don’t really hand-wash dishes anymore but we still wash large pots, pans and backing sheets. In many cases we advise in favour of one single oversized bowl. If double bowl is a must for you, sink with one large and one small bowl may be a good option. Blanco Radius 10 U MAXI

Installation Type: Under-mount vs. Top-mount sinks

We recommend using an under mount sink with your stone countertop.  In addition to its beautiful look, under mount sink will make cleaning a lot easier. Under mount sinks don’t have the ledge to catch everything, you can wipe things off your counter straight into the sink.


Gauge is the thickness of a stainless steel sink. The LOWER the gauge, the THICKER the stainless steel.

18 gauge is the standard gauge for high-end, top quality sinks. 16 and 14 gauge steel is mostly used for commercial sinks but we do carry a good selection of 16 gauge sinks. 

In general 20 gauge is considered low-end and pretty cheap quality.

We only sell 18 and 16 gauge sinks. Even our “FREE SINK” promotion offers you a top-quality 18 gauge stainless steel sink.

Sink material (most popular options)

Stainless steel sinks come in different styles and shapes and are relatively inexpensive. These sinks are quite durable, but even high end, top quality expensive stainless steel will scratch.

Sinks made of composite material (80% natural granite) are our long-time favorite. They come in unique styles, shapes and colours and will add an exceptional touch to any kitchen.  These sinks are also very durable, stain, scratch and heat resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain.Blanco Performa Cascade


Cast Iron has a long track record of being a durable sink material and they are very easy to clean. Cast Iron sinks are available in various colours, porcelain finish has a nice shine. This sinks are quite heavy and with under mount application may need additional support.

Copper & Bronze sinks are beautiful and offer a distinctive look. They are durable and easy to clean but may need to be polished in the future to retain bright appearance. Copper and bronze sinks are expensive.

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